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Hard Hat Lunch Pail on The Joy Dunk Club

January 8, 2013
You thought Linsanity was over? (Photo Credit:

You thought Linsanity was over? (Photo Credit:


Hello gentle readers,

It’s certainly been a long time and for that, we apologize. We’ll be back with more updates, ramblings, and rants soon but in the meantime, we wanted to let all of you know about Joyce’s adventures into the google hangout world.

Starting tonight, I will be participating in a series of google hangouts with other basketball heads to talk about the phenomenon that is, you guessed it, Jeremy Lin. It’s been almost a year since he shot into super stardom and showed folks that Asians can indeed, ‘ball out.’ Now that he’s with a new franchise, new coach, new surroundings, we wanted to follow his, for lack of better phrasing, NBA journey.

From the press release:

Created and hosted by Terry Park of Hyphen magazine, each show will feature smart, energetic, “deceptively quick” analysis from folks like Keith Chow of the Asian American comics anthologies Secret Identities andShattered, Ren Hsieh of the APIA sports podcast Dat Winning, Joyce Yin of Bulls-centric blog Hard Hat Lunchpail, and other special guests, breaking down Jeremy’s game performance and weighing in on the larger cultural phenomenon of “Linsanity.”

Joy Dunk Club will be live-streamed and recorded on CineVue Online’s YouTube channel, where followers can ask real-time questions for the panelists via YouTube or Twitter (hashtag #joydunkclub).

You can catch the inaugural show on Tuesday, January 8, 8pm PST/11pm EST, right after the Rockets/Lakers game. No Lin puns allowed.

You can best believe I’ll be reppin’ HHLP like a boss and, as the only female panelist, reppin’ for the females as well. So tune in, tweet at us, and let us know what you really think of Linsanity.




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