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How to Watch Sports With Your Female Friends Who Happen to Like the NBA: The Jeremy Lin Edition

February 24, 2012

You will not find either of the Yin Seeesters making signs like this. (Photo Credit:

Dear Gentle Reader:

Well, we had to do it. It’s been less than a month since the rest of the free world discovered Jeremy Lin. While the Yin Seeesters have happily ridden the Jeremy Lin train, today we need to add our two cents.

We thought about writing about the joy of seeing someone who “looks like us” (for lack of a better phrase) do something that we never thought possible. Then we thought about writing about all the different Cinderella angles to the story and how there were so many, “what if” moments, where Jeremy’s life could’ve gone in completely different directions. Then we thought about commenting on the slightly uneasy feeling that there’s a little bit of the “model minority myth” angle here – the quiet, hardworking, Harvard kid, who’s respectful – in contrast to the brash and brazen attitudes of those “other players” who ditch school early, don’t behave, and are overpaid millionaires. Then we realized that everyone else has covered this ground and really, there’s a huge treasure trove of brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) writing from all types of sportswriters who have covered almost every conceivable angle of the story. There is a huge amount of thoughtful and thought-provoking (and sometimes thoughtless) writing about race, racism, ethnicity, religion, commerce, the role of sports statistics, the craziness of new yorkers, the craziness of Chinese/Taiwanese people, and all the things that make the NBA our favorite sport.

And yet, what’s missing? The Asian American female sports fan voice.

Look, it’s not surprising. After all, the ratio of men to women in sports reporting is still pretty lopsided and I’m sure the Asian-Am females in the industry don’t want to write the obligatory “why Jeremy Lin means something to me as someone who is also of Asian descent” article.

So, the Yin Seeesters are here today to offer some pointers what to do when you’re watching basketball with a female who, you know, happens to look like Jeremy Lin.

  1. Find out if she’s a sports fan. Don’t assume she isn’t one and/or doesn’t know anything about sports because of her gender. Duh. We dedicate this to our good friend, YW, who had to suffer the irritation of a coworker who said she jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. Her response? “Um, I am a season ticketholder to the WASHINGTON WIZARDS.” That should be enough to demonstrate her dedication to the sport.
  2. Don’t ask her if she wants to marry Jeremy Lin.
    While we’ve been giddy over the past few weeks, we’re probably not the ones making the, “Marry me, Jeremy!!!!!!” signs that have popped up around the league. He seems like a sweet guy but come on, it’s like the clueless white kid in elementary school who asks the two Asians in his class if they’re going to get married just because they kind of “look alike.” In addition, the sign-makers are probably bandwagoners. Speaking of…
  3. If you’re a Jeremy Lin bandwagoner, you are no longer allowed to give other people grief for talking about sports. Those eyeball rolls that you used to give us? Don’t think we’ve forgotten about those.
  4. If you’re an Asian American female bandwagoner, try not to embarrass the rest of us. People already find it weird (read: hilarious) that the Yin Seeesters display as much sports hatred and disproportionate ecstasy when it comes to sporting events. Can you try not to reinforce the stereotype with clueless questions about the sport? Or at least do your research?
  5. Don’t ask a Bulls fan if they’re Knicks fans now. We’re not gonna lie – the Knicks have become must-see tv for us. We watch Knicks games as much as we watch Bulls games. BUT WE ARE NOT KNICKS FANS. Do we hope that Jeremy does well? Yes. Do we like seeing him run the pick-and-roll with Tyson Chandler, a former Bull? Yes. But make no mistake, if the Bulls match up against the Knicks in the playoffs, you can bet that we’ll be cheering for the Bulls to make it quick and merciful so they can move onto the second round.

Whew, that felt nice to get off our chests. We’re looking forward to watching the Jeremy Lin story play out and hopefully it’ll be a story that we can tell our grandkids about. In the meanwhile, don’t ask us if we think Jeremy Lin is cute.

The Yin Seeesters



2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 24, 2012 3:23 pm

    SPOT ON. Esp about the J.Lin bandwagoners

  2. Geoff permalink
    February 24, 2012 3:32 pm

    I feel like I should have had some input, since, you know, I actually am the one watching sports with my female friends who happen to like the NBA…

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