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D. Rose + AZNs + Sneakers = Happy Joyce

August 29, 2011

Blogging last week for the first time in a whiiiile made me realize how much I miss writing about basketball. So I’m gonna do my best to be much more diligent about posting [and getting Joce to post, too]. We’ll see how long this lasts. Anyway, some D. Rose news from the last week or so:

D. Rose did an interview with Hoops Hype recently and it offered up a few interesting tidbits and ‘awww’ moments:

  • on playing in the Philippines:
…The experience going to the Philippines was great. Just going over there, feeling appreciated….I didn’t know anyone knew me in the Philippines!
Aww, of course they know you in the PI Derrick! Errbody errywhere knows who you are.
  • on playing overseas
…I’m staying. I don’t play pickup basketball….I haven’t taken into consideration yet playing overseas. Right now, if I do think about it, the Euroleague is definitely an option I would consider…
Anyone else get kind of confused by this quote? First he says that he’s staying but then he goes on to state that he  might consider Euroleague? Anyway, whatever the case may  be, DON’T GO, D. ROSE. WE NEED YOU IN ONE PIECE.
  • on improving his conditioning
Well, it’s the first time I ever lifted weight besides college. I think that’s gonna help me evolve my game. I know it’s going to be hard because I really don’t like lifting like that, but I’ll do anything to win, anything to get that advantage. Benching, squats, sit-ups, push-ups… Everything you can think of, I’m doing it right now on one-hour sessions from Monday to Friday. I’m on the court from like 8.30 to 9.30, then go home, sleep till like 1 and then I go to my conditioning.
Dammmnnn, as if he weren’t muscular enough. You werq it out, D. Rose. WERQ.
  • on winning the MVP award
It was great but I’m not satisfied. I won’t be satisfied until I win a championship. I’m not satisfied at all. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’m not going to win a championship. I’m going win multiple championships. It’s not a doubt in my mind.
You  know what? I love this. A few people have been saying it comes off as arrogant or cocky but I think it’s just confidence. Sure, it’s a slippery slope and I am a unabashed D. Rose lover but I think it’s more that he refuses to be complacent. I think he knows as the leader of his team, he not only needs to instill drive and determination not only in himself but in his teammates as well. If he just said, ‘yeah, maybe we’ll win a championship sometime the future. Maybe not. I guess we’ll see,’ those aren’t exactly the most encouraging words are they?
  • on expectations for the next season
Everybody is working out hard right now. If everyone comes in and work on their game, I think that we have a good shot of winning without getting anybody to come to my team….

Awww snap, ‘my team.’ You hear that? MY TEAM. I LOVE IT.

Okay, I’m basically posting the entire interview at this point so I’m gonna stop. But he does mention that he’s working on his post-game (!!) and continues to back his team, saying that he doesn’t feel like they need to make any additions. We all know that the latter part is untrue but it’s nice that Rose continues to back his teammates.


Another thing that made me happy was seeing the adidas adiZero Rose 2.0 “Windy City” sneaks. Admittedly I wasn’t initially super keen on them but seeing the details like the blue laces [Chicago colors, what up]:

(Photo Credit:

And smaller details like the L map on the insole [my favorite touch] won me over:


(Photo Credit:

Also, I want this shirt:

(Photo Credit:

Let’s be real here though – anything related to D. Rose, Chicago and AZNs is an A+ for  me. [although, a China-only release is no bueno].




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