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Guest Post: An Open Letter to Goodman League Commissioner, Miles Rawls

August 22, 2011

Shame on you, Commish. (Photo Credit:

Friend of the Yin Seeesters, Geoff, was supposed to go see the game with us on Saturday. Unfortunately, when he got to Trinity University at around 6:30pm that day, he was turned away even though he purchased a ticket weeks in advance. This is an open letter to Goodman League Commissioner, Miles Rawls. 

Dear Goodman League Commissioner Miles Rawls,

I am writing concerning the “Capital Punishment” game between the Goodman and Drew leagues.  Your attempt to organize an exciting, highly-anticipated event instead came off as a pathetic job of organization accentuated by a tremendous job of exploitation.

Selling a limited number of tickets makes an event a highly coveted opportunity that guarantees sales, but an even better (and greedier) idea is to oversell the number of tickets and let the masses resort to a game of “First come, first serve.”  Your lame excuse passing blame onto mysterious individuals selling fraudulent tickets and claiming that the situation was out of your control is belittled by your own website advertising that tickets were sold out but also somehow still available for purchase at the game site!  Offering refunds is of little consolation.

Those of us with tickets purchased WEEKS in advance who were turned away missed the chance to witness a tremendous basketball game, as well as be part of an uplifiting, positive event that would have helped bring our community together.  Instead, the only unification was in the vitriol we all felt at being denied entrance.  I failed to realize that the game would be treated like a nightclub, with the velvet rope opened only for the most special (since those with VIP and courtside seats were admitted even after the doors had been shut to us).  The whole experience reeks of amateurism.

Everyone responsible for this situation should take some blame, but you, as the man in charge, deserve to be ashamed of yourself.




Geoff Hunt


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