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“America’s Team”: the Dallas Mavericks, and Other Thoughts

June 10, 2011

Yes, I’m well aware that the moniker, “America’s Team”, typically refers to Dallas’ other major sports team but let’s be real folks, there are a LOT of people watching and cheering for the Mavericks to win this series.  With that said, let’s see what we can say about the state of basketball in the past two weeks:

  • Dirk needs a better nickname than, “The Big German” – now that Shaq’s retired, can we put him on this task?

    When you say "The Big German", I think German Shepherds, not Dirk. (Photo credit:

  • I would’ve paid money to see Carmelo’s reaction when he got the news that Walsh was out as President/GM…..maybe as much as I would’ve paid to see Kobe’s reaction when he found out about Mike Brown replacing Phil Jackson;
  • No more Mark Jackson calling NBA games after this season!  That means if the Bulls make it to the Finals in the next few years, I won’t have to put the tv on mute like I did during the Bill Walton years!
  • Was I the only person who forgot that the Bulls once traded Tyson Chandler for JR Smith and PJ Brown?
  • I know a bunch of Chicago fans were annoyed about the fact that the first three games of the Miami/Chicago series were so incredibly, ridiculously spaced out – the sports radio universe has been the abuzz with the (pretty reasonable) idea that the Miami has been able to pull out games where they get extra rest.  Anyone else wonder how the Miami/Chicago series might have gone if the games 1, 2, and 3 were every other day the way that 3, 4, and 5 were?  I do.
  • Seeing how tight the games have been for Miami and Dallas, it really puts into perspective how hard Derrick Rose had to work for his shots during the Eastern Conference Finals.  To be the focal point of all that swarming Miami defense was no small feat and while Derrick has the physical advantage over many point guards in the league, he’s nowhere near the size of Dirk, who has battled the same double and triple coverage with greater success in the Finals.  And Dirk has a few teammates who are legitimate scoring options.  Kudos to Derrick for his efforts.
  • Btw, I know folks all walked away from Miami/Chicago thinking that despite the MVP went to Derrick, they’d choose LeBron first if they were team captain of a basketball team.  I don’t think that debate will be settled for quite a while.
  • As for LeBron…not sure I can add anything that hasn’t been analyzed ad nauseum in the twitter/radio/tv/youtube-verse.  All I know is that he needs to hire somebody, ANYBODY, to serve as his filter.  I don’t think he’s a bad guy – I think he’s simply a normal human being stuck inside of the body of a once-in-a-generation athlete.  Normal human beings make stupid jokes (like imitate a sick Dirk), do insensitive/oblivious things (see: “The Decision”), and might produce subpar results when placed under extreme pressure.  The problem with being normal inside a supernormal body is that: 1) you usually get paid lots of money, even if you don’t know what to do with that body (see: Dwight’s Howard’s attempts to imitate Hakeem Olajuwon), 2) you get worshipped by complete strangers (see: Joyce’s tribute to Derrick Rose on a semi-regular basis), and 3) people expect you to have better judgment.  Problem is that LEBRON JAMES DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP – LEBRON, LISTEN TO ME: JUST STOP IT.  LESS IS MORE.  JUST. STOP. TALKING.  That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.  Oh, and Dwyane, stop drawing stupid fouls – you’re practically in Paul Pierce territory now.

Lastly, this has been some great basketball.  While it’s sad that my beloved Bulls are already on vacation, there is an upside to being to watch basketball for basketball’s sake.  The defense, the offense, the subplots – all much more enjoyable without a dog in the fight.



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