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We’re Back

June 7, 2011

Sigh. (Photo Credit:

Hi everyone. Joyce here. It’s been a hot second since the Yin Seeesters have entertained you with the crazy thoughts that run through our brains and, to be honest, that was on purpose. I can’t speak for Jocelyn but ever since the Bulls were rudely ousted from the playoffs, I needed to take a break from the basketball world.

You see, this is all new for me. While I’ve always had a general interest in the Bulls dating back to the Jordan years, it wasn’t until the last year-and-a-half or so that I became the hardcore, bordering-on-obsessive fan you see today. I began gobbling up any blogs about the Bulls I could find. I created a morning ritual where I’d eat my cereal while reading all my bookmarked NBA websites. I listened to NBA podcasts to-and-from work. I often-times scheduled my life around Bulls games. I spent way more money than I should have on Bulls tickets. All I could talk and think about was Bulls basketball.

So when the Bulls’ glorious, overachieving season came to an abrupt end at the hands of the goddamn Miami Heat, I was in basketball despair. It couldn’t have been over. Not like that. Not in five games. Not after that wondrous game one. Not after we had a friggin’ twelve-point lead with three minutes to go in game five. No. I refused to believe it.

But it was true. And I needed some time away. A mourning period, if you will. I couldn’t bear to read about the Bulls’ offensives failures. I couldn’t listen to analysts slobber over Lebron James. I just couldn’t. It was too painful.

Some time has passed and while it still hurts to think about the brutal end to what was otherwise a standout season for our beloved Bulls, I’m slowly integrating myself back into the basketball world. However, I still refuse to watch any of the NBA finals and will continue to do so no matter how exciting the games are. Admittedly, I’ve become a bandwagon Dirk/Mavs fan these last few weeks and pray to sweet, sweet Jesus that the Mavs win a ring this year but I cannot stand the sight of Lebron’s face [or Wade’s or Bosh’s]. It just brings back all those horrid memories from the ECF and seeing his ugly mug and receding hairline [petty? not I] just makes me want to punch something over and over again.

Anyway, all of this is to say that the self-imposed hiatus is over. You didn’t think I could stay away from basketball forever, did you?




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