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Taj Gibson: Likes Listening to Music, Reading and Dunking on Your Sorry Ass

May 16, 2011

A few nights ago in Game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks, Jocelyn and I found out that in addition to listening to music and reading, Taj Gibson also enjoys shooting 5-for-5 and playing stifling defense.  (Ok, I lie – I knew the latter two things but the scoreboard informed me of Taj’s qualities that I might be interested in).

Last night, we also learned that Taj also likes to utterly demoralize and humiliate his opponents with powerful, jaw-dropping dunks and remind all of us that while he may play the role of nice-guy off-court, on-court he is a fucking monster. I present to you exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

Oh, he also likes to fly like an airplane. He’s quite the catch, is he not?


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