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Please Stop Giving Awards to the Bulls

May 3, 2011

Awards? Do not want. (Photo Credit:

Well, I guess if folks weren’t convinced that Derrick Rose is MVP, I would wager that the 22,000+ gasps of horror at the United Center in the waning moments of Game 1 versus the Hawks would prove otherwise.  If last night’s game was an indication of what happens after we give awards to Bulls (Thibs received his COY award last night, I’m terrified of what will happen when D.Rose receives his MVP award.  A few quick reactions:

  • D.Rose – ankle aside, he turned the ball over quite a bit.  Seems like Teague had the quickness to stay with him.  Not good, especially if D.Rose is slowed by a bum ankle.
  • Luol – the man had 17 in the first half.  Why did we go away from him?  Also, he was probably the most valuable player of the night.  Scored when we needed him to score, cut to the basket, defended well.  His usual, “little bit o’everything” platter.
  • Boozer – showing signs of life and even a little defense but still needs to step it up.  Especially if D.Rose is hobbled by injury.
  • Live by the 3, die by the 3 – Jamal and Joe are showing some swagger.  We need to get them out of rhythm.
  • Playing from ahead – I read or heard somewhere that Hawks are a good team when they play from ahead.  Considering they opened with a 9-0 run, that was first sign that it was going to be a bad night.  Bulls can’t start slow against this team like they against everyone else.
  • First technical (Thibs) a good one.  Fighting for the team to get calls.  Second technical (Joakim) bad.  Loss of composure.
  • The collapse at the beginning of the 4th was not a good sign but assuming D.Rose’s injury doesn’t keep him out of the series, I expect Bulls to bounce back.  Thibs is good about focusing on one game at a time, which is part of why the Bulls haven’t lost more than two games in a row all season long.

Lots of unknowns until reports about D.Rose’s ankle come back (hopefully negative).  Fingers and toes triple-crossed…


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