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Bring on the Birdbrains

May 2, 2011

After a long six day wait, we finally get some Bulls action tonight. Huzzah! Jocelyn is in the midst of putting together a ‘cheat sheet’ of sorts for the Bulls/Hawks series match-up, so I’m going to go the lazy route and post a video preview:

Okay, it’s not really a preview in the traditional sense. More like an awesome consolation of kick-ass clips set to some uber-dramatic music that makes you think basketball is more important than it really is. But it definitely got me more amped for tonight’s game than I already was, I’ll say that.

I’m not expecting a sweep but I do expect the Bulls to take care of business and get through the Hawks with less trouble than they had to deal with when playing the Pacers. That being said, come out with guns blazing, Bulls!

As Brandon would say……Daaaaaaaaaaa bullsdabullsdabullsdabullsdabullsdabulls.


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