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Should’ve Left the Broom at Home

April 26, 2011

So Brandon and I, along with his friend Dave, made the four-hour drive on Saturday to Indianapolis to watch Game 4 of the Bulls vs. Pacers series.  Let me say this, you know my Bulls love runs deep when I willingly take an entire day, a Saturday no less, to attend a Bulls game in friggin’ Indiana [this is my Chicago elitism rearing its ugly head].

What's that off in the distance? A city? Say what? (Photo Credit: Joyce)

As most of you Bulls fans know already, our dear team lost and played pretty poorly throughout the game but MAN, WAS IT EXCITING [and by ‘exciting, I mean I must’ve shaved about 5 years off my life in the span of 5 minutes]. Even before entering the Fieldhouse, while we drove into downtown [and I use that term loosely] Indianapolis, we saw red jerseys and t-shirts all over the place. Bulls fans milling around on the sidewalks. Bulls fans grabbing a bite to eat before the game. Bulls fans pre-gaming in the parking lot. It was absolutely ridiculous. I almost felt bad for Pacers fans because Bulls fans were freaking everywhere. But the I remembered it’s the Pacers and well, fuck the Pacers.

You sure we're not in Chicago? (Photo Credit: Joyce)

We enter the building, waiting to be let in the actual arena itself and Bulls fans are cheering ‘MVP’ and ‘Let’s go Bulls’ every which way; it was incredible. Then when introductions happened, the amount of ‘YEAHHBULLSOMGGOBULLLSSSS’ cheering when the Bulls came out was almost deafening. And then there was the booing when the Pacers came out. Oh god.

Look at all the red......You done Chicago proud, Bulls fans. (Photo Credit: Joyce)

For those of you who have never been to Conseco Fieldhouse before, it’s a relatively small arena, seating around 18,000 people at most. So you can bet that when it’s a full house, it gets pretty stinkin’ loud in there. In terms of the amount of Bulls fans as opposed to Pacers fans in the arena, I’d say it was about 40/60. Hostile takeover just about complete. Players being booed in their own home arena? Hell yes.

Most likely a really bad offensive possession. Sigh. (Photo Credit: Joyce)

Anyway, the Bulls played pretty shitty and then the Rose injury happened and everything that was good and kind about the world went flying out the window. Ohhhh god I wanted to cry. Luckily he seemed to be okay and even played the rest of the game but you could just see he wasn’t the same. Things were looking real grim.

I was about ready to give up hope we were down 13 points or so and there were only around 2 minutes left in the game. I’d been holding out that the Bulls would stage a furious comeback as they’d been doing all series long but things were not looking good that afternoon.

And then, somehow, miraculously, things started going our way and I slowly backed away from the ledge of desperation. Clearpath call. And-1’s. I couldn’t handle it. To be perfectly honest, I was shaking and digging my nails into Brandon’s shoulder [hopefully I didn’t draw blood. Sorry, Brandon], feeling like my heart was about to explode at the ripe old age of 24.

But alas, a Bulls win was not meant to be. Womp womp. Oddly enough, I wasn’t super upset. I was still ‘WTF-ing’ at Boozer taking the three as opposed to someone calling a freaking time out to re-set-up the play. But whatever. The Bulls will go back to the UC where they have one of the best home records in the league at 36-5 and they will win Game 5. They will. They have to.

As for the rest of our mini-roadtrip? Fairly uneventful. It’s Indiana – what else is there to say? I will say that by the time we saw the Chicago skyline on our way back, the relief in our voices was palpable. I guess I can thank Indiana for making me appreciate Chicago all the more? Nah.

And now, I shall leave you with these gems from Indy:

Maple Bacon Sundae. Thanks, Denny's. I can die in peace now. (Photo Credit: Joyce)

Stay classy, Indy. (Photo Credit: Joyce)

Onto the next one!


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