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How to Stop D. Rose

April 19, 2011

"I aint scared of nothin!.....well, okay, maybe killer clowns. BUT THATS IT! RAWR! FEAR ME!" (Photo Credit:

ESPN W did a short interview with D. Rose recently and while we didn’t learn anything particularly new or fascinating about our beloved superstar, I did find some of his responses somewhat interesting to say the least:

Your idea of misery:
DR: A rainy day.

[Not losing or failing. But rain droplets. Can’t let that water ruin  your swagger, I s’pose].

What you hate the most:
DR: Spiders.


The natural talent you’d like to be gifted with:
DR: Fly.

[Um. Isn’t this being kind of redundant, Derrick? Everyone already knows you can fly. Duh.]

And the best answer of all:

Your greatest fear:
DR: Killer clowns.

[I mean, let’s be real here: who isn’t scared of killer crowns? The big floppy shoes….Maniacal smile…Too perfect face paint? Scurry.]

Attention Pacers, now you know how to stop D. Rose. Just have all your fans wear clown masks with spiders spewing out the mouth when the Bulls come to visit Thursday evening and you’ll be able to stop him dead in his tracks. Simple as that.


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