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And….We’re Back!

April 18, 2011

Whew. It’s been quite a weekend hasn’t it? Can I just say how glad I am that the playoffs are finally fucking here? I seriously don’t think I’ve ever watched so much basketball in such a short span of time in my entire life. And for the most part, all the games were pretty exciting! Good sign of things to come these next couple of months of playoff basketball….

But I digress. Apologies that Hard hat, Lunch Pail has been somewhat MIA these last few days. We’ll do our darndest to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again [at least for a while]. To make it up to you all, I present to you the following:

This awesome compilation of D. Rose highlights that I’ve been watching over and over again lately:

And this….One of my favorite moments from Game 1 of the Bulls vs. Pacers on Saturday:

Luol sticking up for D. Rose? Luol getting a technical for getting in Hansbrough’s [who I now deem, ‘Crazy Eyes’] face, a Pacer who had been kicking our ass all game? Luol firing up the crowd? I loved every single second of this!

A lot of times this season, D. Rose has gotten knocked around when he drives to the basket. And while I appreciate that he and his teammates don’t do anything foolish like getting a technical to retaliate, I always secretly wished that someone would say something about it. Set the tone. Let the other team know that you know they’ve been doing it all game and they better quit it because you no longer are going to let them get away with it. So when Luol, a player not known for showing emotion on the court, is the one to step up and be that person, to me it just makes it that much more of an impact. The opposing players may not give a crap but I think what Luol did got his teammates into it and revved up the crowd. It made for some great basketball television, I’ll say that.

And lastly…Blogabull also put together a fun compilation of highlights from the 2010-2011 season. Gotta admit, I enjoyed rewatching all of these great moments. It’s been an amazing season, people. Now it’s onto Game 2 tonight of the Bulls vs. Pacers series. Let’s get it!


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