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D. Rose Shows No Mercy for the NY Knicks

April 13, 2011

So, uh…..D. Rose was feelin’ it at MSG last night, huh?

First he did this:

Then this:

And then to top it all off….:

In one night, he manages to fill up a third of a top ten highlight reel. The man is good, to say the least. Thank you, D. Rose, for giving us these wondrous feats of joy in the second to last game of the season that doesn’t really matter since you’ve already got the one seed in the eastern conference locked up. [although it is nice that the Spurs lost last night and they and the Bulls are now tied for the best record in the league, hayyyyy].

I would say that I hope Thibs rests his starters or plays them limited minutes tonight but since we all know that ain’t gonna happen, I at least hope we see some more Sportscenter-worthy highlights tonight against the Nets to end the regular season. Finish strong, Bulls!


P.S. Can anyone else believe that we’re down to the last game of the regular season? Goddamn. I want the playoffs to start already but this just means we’re getting closer and closer to the looming lock-out. And with reports that the NBA is canceling summer league, that just means even less basketball……WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH OURSELVES?!?!



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