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You Don’t Wanna Mess With These Mobsters

April 11, 2011

It’s little secret to many Bulls fans that the Bulls have one of the best second units in the league. The Bulls roll deep, yo. Credit to GarPax for bringing in new guys who fit Thibs’ system, generally knew what their roles were going to be on this team and accepted it and worked their asses off.

The second unit has been doing such a good job as of late that they’ve even come up with a nickname for themselves: the Bench Mob. And it’s stuck. So much so that one Bulls fan whipped up these pretty kick-ass t-shirts so we could rep our beloved second unit all day, everyday:

We roll DEEP. (Photo Credit:

[Also available in red. T-Shirts available here]

Pretty dope, right? Jocelyn and I just might have to buy a couple so we can rep at the UC. Along with our t-shirts.

Some people have complained that the Lakers and Celtics have already used the nickname, ‘Bench Mob,’ so the Bulls are just hi-jacking something that’s already been done. But I’d like to think of it more as ‘redefining’ what a true bench mob should be. And besides, you gotta admit, these Bulls Bench Mob shirts are so much more kick-ass than what the Lakeshow and Celts came up with.



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