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I Wanna Go Hiiiiiiiigherrrrrr

April 3, 2011

As we all know, D. Rose is a hard worker. He’s always working on his game, whether it’s improving his jumpshot or adding a 3-point shot to his arsenal, he always wants to get better. And when he makes mistakes, he’ll do whatever he can to ensure that it [hopefully] won’t happen again and/or do something to make up for it. Like this:

Rose turns over the ball and instead of wallowing and letting the Raptors get the easy transition points, Rose, along with his teammates, hurries back onto defense and jumps like he was on some kind of friggin’ pogo stick and essentially says, ‘OH NO YOU DON’T, JAMES JOHNSON.’ This is your point guard, ladies and gentlemen.

A Blogabull commenter pointed out that how instead of blocking the ball and flinging it to the tenth row, Rose actually contorts his body in mid-air so that he can toss is back into the game. Granted, a Raptor got his hands on the ball after Rose blocked it. But still, Rose realizes that it’s more pertinent to swat it inbounds so as to give his team at least a chance to regain possession as opposed to swatting it out of bounds and automatically giving Raptors possession. So, basically, LOVEUDROSE.

And this was probably my second favorite highlight of the night:

I especially love the little hop Ronnie does afterwards. Or should I say, “RONNIE BREW-AHHHHHH!!!” a la Stacey King. [King had a great moment during last night’s game where he karaoked his patented ‘I wanna go higher!’ It was amazing].

And with that, the Bulls move closer and closer to clinching that number one seed in the East. The playoffs start in less than two weeks, people. YEEEEEE!




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