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D. Rose Scoffs at Your Attempts to Guard Him

March 26, 2011

Blee and I were sitting in the bar last night watching the Bulls vs. Grizzlies game and when this happened….:

…all we could do was look at each other and let out a simultaneous, collective “HOLY SHIT!!!” and ask each other, “did that really just happen?” But I mean, we shouldn’t even be surprised anymore, right? This is D. Rose we’re talking about. This is your 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls we’re talking about. Even if D. Rose did shoot 6-22 on the night and the rest of the Bulls’ offense looked completely discombobulated for most of the game [42% FG percentage on the night with 15 turnovers. yuck], the Bulls are still ‘finding ways to win’ as most Bulls players would say.

So while it would have been nice if the Bulls had come out and taken care of business right away so the game wasn’t so close the entire time [and shaving months, if not years, off my life], the Bulls still came out with a win and now sit two games ahead of Celtics in the number one seed slot. Huzzah!


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