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The Only Things I Will be Wearing From Mid-April to June

March 17, 2011

I’m particular when it comes to my Bulls swag, especially shirts. So many times, Bulls-themed shirts I come across look tacky, unoriginal and/or all the ones I actually like are only for men. Insert sad trombone noise here.

But as I was perusing twitter recently, someone posted a link to and I was pleasantly surprised to find some great Chicago sports-themed shirts and hoodies. The prices are about what you’d expect [although still a little pricey for my tastes] and the designs are fun and fresh.

Below are some of my faves:

Deng right. (Photo Credit:

D. Rose. Get it? Get it? (Photo Credit:

The Great Jo No. (Photo Credit:

(Sold out? Unacceptable. It’s JOAKIM NOAH,! C’mon now. Killin’ me here)

Come playoffs,  you can bet that I’m gonna break out some of my finest Bulls gear. When I’m repping the Bulls, I gotta look flyyyyyy, ‘naw mean?

Where do you all get your Bulls ish from? Any recommendations?



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