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The Next Coming of the Great Yellow Hope

March 8, 2011

Earlier this year, Yao Ming suffered a(nother) season-ending injury that immediately deflated the Wiz-Rockets “Asian Appreciation Night” at the Verizon Center.  Even though the league now has another Chinese player, Yi Jianlin, and even an Asian American player, Jeremy Lin, it’s not quite the same.  So what is an avid Asian American basketball fan to do?

Well, as we departed the Verizon Center last Saturday, fresh off of a Wiz win over the Timberwolves, my friend Geoff had a great suggestion.  “You know what you and Joyce need to do, right?  You have to take advantage of the ‘buy any wizards merchandise, get the second item free’ promo and buy some Yi jerseys.  Then you can put an, ‘N’, on the back of the jersey and voila!  Yin jerseys!”

And so with the powers of photoshop, facebook photos, and my friend Eric’s need to direct his satirical energies somewhere, we bring you….

Jocelyn Yin: The Great Yellow Hope (Photo Credit: Eric Melancon)


I, of course, had to show this wondrous photoshop job to Joyce and what did she have to say?

OMG this is so great. So great. Makes it even better that you’re getting dunked on by JAMARIO MOON of all people. Brings the lulz.

Brings the lulz, indeed.



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