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We Beat the Heat! We Beat the Heat! (Again!)

March 7, 2011

So after missing the first two Bulls vs. Heat games, I was finally able to watch yesterday’s third game against the Heat. And while there wasn’t an epic back-and-forth duel between D. Rose and D. Wade like in the first match-up or a hilarious stretch where Chris Bosh went 1-for-18 again, this was still an exciting game to see. I feel like this clip symbolizes so much of the personalities of the two teams:

You have:

  1. The Heat with a sloppy pass and Bulls players getting a steal
  2. D. Rose using his lightening quick speed to lead a fastbreak with Wade and James all up on him trying to get the block
  3. D. Rose saying ‘fuck y’all,’ and somehow using his strength to take the OBVIOUS fouls they got on him and still make the lay-up
  4. Bulls players right behind him jumping up to the rim in case he misses and no other Heat players to be seen

So what does this say about either team? That while D.  Rose is clearly the superstar of the Bulls, they still work together and have each others’ back on the court while the Heat, with their two superstars [and Chris Bosh who I refuse to call a superstar] are devoid of that trust in each other and it’s apparent in their play.

I know that the constant talk of how well the Bulls work together and how they have great ‘chemistry’ doesn’t excuse the fact that they don’t really have a legitimate SG but it’s still great to see their tight bond on the court. They work together, praise and compliment one another, hold each other accountable, etc….all things that teams do. To paraphrase what Doug Thonus of Bulls Confidential said in his latest podcast, the Bulls really are squeezing every last ounce from what they currently have and the quote ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ is completely emblematic of this team.

I totally agree and cannot wait to see how much farther this Bulls team can go. It really is a great time to be a Bulls fan again.


P.S. The Bulls are now 3-0 over the Heat and own a season sweep over them. How great is that?

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