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Derrick Rose Pwns John Wall

March 1, 2011

So, this video has been all over the interwebs this morning because, well, it’s just that awesome and dammit, I’m going to post it again. Derrick Rose steals the ball, turns on the jets toward the other end of the floor and who’s right behind him on the fast break? JO NOOOOOOO! So D. Rose bounce passes the ball between his legs to Jo No, who is right behind him, and Jo No then proceeds to dunk the ball:

[lulz at po’ John Wall doing a 360 cause he clearly did not expect D. Rose to pull that nastiness on him].

I cannot say enough how glad I am that Jo No is back. Seeing plays like this where he is running the floor, right alongside Derrick Rose on fastbreaks makes my heart warm and fuzzy. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love you Big Sexy but, let’s be real, you ain’t that fast anymore.

Jo No was grabbing boards, had active hands and was running every which way. After close to two months of half-court, slow-it-down Bulls basketball, it was refreshing to see the Bulls RUN.

Jocelyn has a piece coming up about the return of the fastbreak. Check back! It’s gonna be a good one. In the meantime, preoccupy your time with highlights from last night’s game:

Be sure to pay close attention at the 1:00 mark where Luol shoots a 3-pointer and before it even leaves the net, he’s already walking to the locker room for halftime. Man. What a cold-blooded kill-ahhh.


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