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The Yin Seeesters Play Career Counselor: Jo No Edition

February 24, 2011

Like with most, if not all, Bulls fans this week, Jocelyn and I let out a small [read: GIGANTIC] sigh of relief to see Joakim Noah back on the court last night. And while the Bulls did go 22-8 with Jo No out, there’s no doubt that the Bulls just weren’t the same team without the gangly 7-footer.

While we hope that he remains in the NBA for a long time to come [and preferably on the Bulls], Jo No’s absence sparked a conversation about what kind of careers Jo could have if he ever decided to stop professional playing basketball. Below are some of the…..interesting results of our conversation:


"Just love and basketball, man. Love. And Basketball."(Photo Credit:

Professional Hippie.

This one’s almost too easy, right? With his ‘just-relax-bro’ attitude and penchant for particular herbal substances, Jo No fits the profile of your typical Hippie almost to a tee. Not to mention, his uncontrollable curly mane and distinct sense of style just screams Hippie. In the end, Jo No most personifies a Hippie because he just wants everyone to get along and for people like the acidic, foul-mouthed Kevin Garnett to just ‘be sweet.’

But what might keep Jo No from achieving full Hippie-dom is his unstoppable desire to win. Whatever it takes – constant training and conditioning, playing through injuries [see: plantar fasciitis, thumb] – Jo No will put himself through hell and back because that’s how badly he wants it. I don’t know of any hippies that work that hard, do you?


One big happy family. (Photo Credit: Joyce)

Honorary Yin Brother.

From my own experience as an Asian American, I can tell you that in our Asian household, you had to uphold these three values, at the very least:

1) Respect

2) Toughness

3) Loyalty

All things that I see a lot of in Jo No: 1) He shows tremendous respect for the game on the court with his energy and drive to always get better.  He loves the game and he just wants to play, goddammit! 2) Even through his turbulent first few years with the Bulls when his then-teammates ganged up on him and fans booed him, Jo No has continued to work hard and improve his game 3) He doesn’t care who hates him. He has his teammates, who he is fiercely protective of,  and that’s all that matters. You fuck with the Bulls and he’ll come after you [on the court, that is].

With that being said, if Jo No ever finds himself out of an NBA job, Jocelyn and I would gladly welcome him into the fold as an Honorary Yin Brother; he’s clearly shown himself worthy of the title.


In Jo No's name we pray. Amen. (Photo

Being Jesus [of  basketball].

Don’t laugh. You’ve thought it before. Not only does Jo No have the hair and the ability to rouse the masses but he’s been come to be known as one of the saviors [with D. Rose clearly being THE savior] of the Bulls franchise. Like when the Christians mourned over the [first] death of Jesus, Bulls fans were at a loss when we’d heard Jo No would be out for 8-10 weeks because of a thumb injury. What would we do without our *fearless leader? The heart and soul and emotional center [no pun intended] of this Bulls team. We prayed and prayed for him to get better fast, looked to others for guidance [Big Sexy, Omer Asik]. But in the end, like the Resurrection of Jesus, Jo No came back to us, grabbing a hearty 15 rebounds in his return against the Toronto Raptors. Jo No’s back and with D. Rose in tow, they shall lead us to the promised land [aka Championships. And lots of ’em].

So what do you think, dear readers? Are Jocelyn and I way off target? What non-basketball-related careers could you see for our beloved Joakim Noah?


*As John Turturro once said, “Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

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