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Jocelyn Might be Sippin’ Some of that Haterade Today…

February 18, 2011

…because she doesn’t want D. Rose to win MVP this season. Lolwtf?

If you’re like most Bulls fans this season, that’s probably the reaction you had. I had a very similar one when she initially pitched this blog post to me.

Now, I’m a complete homer, I’ll admit but c’mon. Rose is putting up some pretty impressive numbers this season and has made it a point to improve in areas his critics said would prevent him from winning MVP: can’t defend, doesn’t get to free throw line enough, no jumper, can’t hit threes, you name it. You want to criticize D. Rose? Sure. Go ahead. Just know that he uses that for his motivation. That he’ll come back and shoot back-to-back jumpers or pop off a three-pointer with ease to tie a game at the end of regulation.

Or he’ll go off for 42 points [a career-high] on 18 for 28 shooting, record 8 assists and grab five rebounds for good measure, grabbing the win against a team with the best record in the league.

And yet his detractors continue to find ways to nitpick at his game, saying he isn’t worthy.

I don’t know y’all. I’ll admit, I’m still a little on the fence about whether or not I want him to win the award this year but this I know for sure: at the very least, D. Rose is pretty damn good:

Look out for Jocelyn’s post later in the day where she tries to explain that she isn’t crazy in not wanting Rose to win MVP this season. You’re intrigued, aren’t you? I know I am.


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