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MJ + Pippen = OTP

February 16, 2011

*OTP = One True Pairing

Pip: These Bulls are better than your Bobkittens. Just sayin'. MJ: O RLY? (Photo Credit:

If you caught the Bulls vs. Bobcats game last night, you undoubtedly heard about the fact that MJ was at the game. And rather than take to his usual skybox seat, he decided to sit courtside, next to Scottie Pippen.


Okay, I know it’s not really that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but it was still pretty cool to see [and surreal]. In the basketball world, I think we got to a point where we essentially ‘deified’ MJ and Pippen, especially MJ, as basketball GODS. So to see them as non-players at a basketball game, just hanging out and talking, doing normal human being things is just….weird.

And also ridiculously adorable:

BFF's for life. (Photo Credit:

For more pictures, check out Chicagonow’s website.


And just for good measure:




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