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2nd Road Trip of the Season and Bulls end it 3-2? I’ll Take It.

February 13, 2011

I wasn’t able to watch a good chunk of the game last night due to my feed freezing literally every five seconds and making me want to rip all my hair out and chuck my imac out the window. Luckily it got better towards the end of the game but I was definitely ready to blow a gasket for sure.

What I did catch of the game, at least in the first half, was a little painful to watch. Especially in the second quarter. Settling for a lot of jumpers. Not really clamping down on defense like we could have. Not to mention some absurd 3’s made by the Hornets in the last few minutes of the half. Ugh. And the referring was ridiculous, calls every 30 seconds or so. Didn’t really allow the game to establish any sort of flow.

Anyway, this wasn’t really meant to turn into a game recap. Lulz. Just an excuse to post the game highlights below, filled mostly with Bulls highlights. So yay for that. Game recaps can usually be found at Bulls By the Horns and Bulls Confidential [and a slew of other Bulls websites, I’m sure]. Anyway, onto the video recap!:

Some of my favorite plays of the night came with some Stacey King-isms as well:

1) 1:50 – this one had two: “SERVIN’ AND SWERVIN’!” and “SPIN CYCLE!” This move by D. Rose had me giggling to myself with glee for at least a 30 seconds.

2) 2:09 – “RONNIE BREW-AHHHHHH!!” I love that this block then turned into a three for quietstorm. So great.

Some other great Bulls plays can be found on the Bulls website. Quietstorm [for all y’all that don’t know, I’m referring to CJ Watson’s twitter handle] had an amazing steal which turned into a lay-up. Homeboy’s got some moves!

It would’ve been nice to come out of this roadtrip 5-0 [crazy and probably out of reach, I know, but one can dream right?] or 4-1. But I’ll take 3-2. Bulls are now back to being 20 games over .500. Woot.

In other news, next up, Charlotte Bobcats. Bulls have managed to lose to them twice already this season. Makes me wonder if Jocelyn was right when she said that perhaps they’re the team with our number this season: the subpar team that manages to beat the Bulls everytime we play them. Womp womp.

But you know what, I’m going to be optimistic for once. Bulls are at home and will have two days rest. There’s no excuse that they should lose that game. Here’s hopin’ we whoop their butts.


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